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Just Right can give you the confidence that your dog’s food is supporting their unique needs.

Why Personalize?

How It Works

  • Share your dog's details in our quick quiz.

  • We build a personalized blend and feeding plan.

  • Your dog's food is delivered monthly.

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We Guarantee Quality in Every Scoop

Real Meat is the
#1 Ingredient
No artificial colors,
flavors or fillers
Crafted in
the USA
Balanced by
a Nutritionist

The Power of Personalization

  • No more compromiseTailored for all of your dog's specific needs.
  • Peace of mindExpert approved, delivered monthly so you never run out.
  • FlexibilityIf your dog's needs or tastes change, adjusting is easy.
  • Lifelong supportGet access to real specialists, any time.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is your food made?

Just Right products are proudly manufactured in company-owned facilities in Clinton, Iowa under strict quality control practices.

Does Just Right use grains? If so, why?

If you would like your dog to avoid grain in their diet, we can accommodate that preference! Simply let us know during your blend survey, and we will build their personalized dog food blend without grain.

Grain is one of the high-quality ingredients we use to build some personalized blends. Every ingredient we use to build your dog's personalized blend has a purpose, including grains. The carbohydrate, protein and other nutrients provided by grains add to both the nutritional value and structure of your dog's blend. Grains are rich sources of carbohydrates that supply your pet’s body with energy. Carbohydrates are useful in sparing protein from being used as an energy source. In other words, carbohydrates can be used to meet the body’s energy needs so that protein can be used for its most important function ― protein synthesis. Grains can provide antioxidants to help support immune health, and essential fatty acids to help support a healthy skin and coat. In addition, grains also contain fiber which helps support a healthy digestive system.

How do I know how much food to feed my dog?

Your dog's personalized feeding measurement can be found on the insert in each order of your dog's personalized blend. This feeding amount is how much kibble your dog should eat each day. Your dog's feeding amount is determined by our nutritionist, based on information you provide about your dog. We've included a scoop in your first delivery to make it easy to feed the right amount each day. Make sure to serve level scoops!

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