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How to Keep Your Dog Cool at Home

Brown and black French bulldog drinking water

Sometimes the only way to beat the heat is to stay inside with your air conditioning. The same goes for our dogs: they truly feel the effects of the heat if not given enough shade, water, or rest on a hot summer day.

Try these tips for keeping your dog cool inside the house.

1. The Water Bowl

You know the drill. Always supply a bowl of fresh, clean water for your dog. You can keep the water cool and give your dog a special treat by dropping a few ice cubes in his water.

2. The Freezer (Cold Treats)

Your dog doesn’t have to miss out on all the fun of an ice cream outing. Freeze a combination of water and chicken or beef broth to make doggy popsicles. These frosty treats can help cool your dog down if you just got back from a long walk or a trip to the dog park!

3. The Doggie Pool

A simple, portable pool can be the perfect place for your dog to lounge around when the temperature rises. Place the pool in a shady spot and let your dog soak or splash. And if you do have an in-ground pool, make sure to supervise your dog at all times when he’s around it – not all dogs are good swimmers!

4. Tile Floor

Ever notice how your dog favors tile over carpet on hot summer days? Kitchen or bath tile is obviously a cooler solution. So, don’t be surprised if the kitchen or bathroom becomes your dog’s new favorite location in the house. If you don’t have tile or prefer to keep your dog away from the kitchen or bathroom, consider a gel pet mat to deliver instant cool anywhere you place it.

5. Ahhh, the Air Vent

Is your dog the type to race to the air vent after coming in from the heat outside? We can’t blame them. It’s a smart and effective way to cool off when the air conditioner kicks on.

Another great solution that’s similar to the air vent is a pet crate fan. If you’re accustomed to leaving your dog crated while away, a pet crate fan helps to circulate air and keep your dog cool inside of their crate.

Staying cool can be tough when you’re a dog! Try any – or all — of these tips until you find the right one for your dog.