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July 2014

4 Tricks to Help Your Dog Lose Weight

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Getting your dog to achieve his ideal body condition may seem like an uphill climb. It takes time, commitment, and energy. But putting in the effort is well worth it. Dogs who maintain a healthy weight are at less risk for health problems. An ideal weight also means less stress on the heart, lungs, and joints.

New Tricks: Dog Training Tips For Puppy, Adult, & Senior Dogs

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It's never a bad time to teach your dog something new, no matter how old he is. Whether you’re just starting to train your puppy or teaching your adult dog how to fetch the morning paper, here are a few tips for training your dog at any age.

How Do I Socialize My Dog With Kids?

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Children and dogs can be a great source of love and friendship for each other, and socializing your dog with kids is key to fostering those relationships. Whether you’re making new friends at the park or introducing your dog to your own children for the first time, there are a few steps you can take to make sure it’s a positive experience for everyone.

How to Read Your Dog Food Label

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Real Meat, Fish or Poultry: Protein Sources in Your Dog’s Food

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Know Your Breed: What Common Ailments May Affect Your Dog?

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Dogs are pre-disposed to certain ailments or diseases simply due to characteristics of their breed. Some of these medical conditions have lasted through generations, and yet, researchers are still working to fully understand them. No matter what your dog’s age, size or breed, it’s always good to be aware of these common ailments and their prevention methods.

5 Tricks for Keeping Your Dog Cool at Home

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Sometimes the only way to beat the heat is to stay home in the comfort of your air conditioner. The same goes for our dogs who can truly feel the effects of the heat if not given enough shade, water, or rest on a hot summer day.