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October 2014

The Proactive Dog Owner: How to Practice Preventative Care at Home

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Good Halloween Behavior: How to Distract and De-stress Your Dog from the Ringing Doorbell

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How to Brush Your Dog's Teeth

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FactRetriever: Can Dogs Digest Grain?

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Why Are Veterinarian Visits On The Decline?

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5 Myths About Dog Behavior

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Sometimes it can be difficult to decipher your dog’s actions since he can’t tell you what he’s thinking. That’s why there are a lot of misconceptions about dog behavior. Here are five common myths about why your dog does the things he does and the truths behind them:

FactRetriever: What Are Animal By-Products in Dog Food?

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You may have heard that animal by-products are low quality ingredients that shouldn’t be in pet food, but that’s a common misconception. While Just Right® by Purina® doesn't use animal by-products in our blends of food, they're actually a quality source of nutrition for your dog’s diet.