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October 2014

The Proactive Dog Owner: How to Practice Preventative Care at Home

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You pride yourself on giving your dog the very best. But truth be told, there are only a few tell-tale signs that indicate your dog’s health is truly up to snuff. You might check your dog’s eyes for clarity, skin and coat for glossiness, and stool for shape and consistency. But what else can be done to look after your dog’s health?

Good Halloween Behavior: How to Distract and De-stress Your Dog from the Ringing Doorbell

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That exciting time of year when people and pets don their scariest costumes, put spooky pumpkins out on display, and make the annual door-to-door trek for trick-or-treating is approaching quickly. For many, it’s all fun and games. But for some, all that heightened excitement can be stressful for dogs, especially if they react negatively to the doorbell constantly ringing.

How to Brush Your Dog's Teeth

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FactRetriever: Can Dogs Digest Grain?

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Why Are Veterinarian Visits On The Decline?

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Fewer pet owners are taking their pets to the veterinarian for a yearly checkup. Sadly, as a result, preventable diseases like diabetes, heartworm or dental disease are on the rise. So why are so many pet owners forgoing their pet’s annual checkup?

5 Myths About Dog Behavior

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FactRetriever: What Are Animal By-Products in Dog Food?

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