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October 2014

The Proactive Dog Owner: How to Practice Preventative Care at Home

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You pride yourself on giving your dog the very best. But truth be told, there are only a few tell-tale signs that indicate your dog’s health is truly up to snuff. You might check your dog’s eyes for clarity, skin and coat for glossiness, and stool for shape and consistency. But what else can be done to look after your dog’s health?

Good Halloween Behavior: How to Distract and De-stress Your Dog from the Ringing Doorbell

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How to Brush Your Dog's Teeth

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Dogs can get gum disease and tooth disease just like humans. If your dog has poor dental hygiene, it can lead to tooth pain, bloody gums and even infection, which can spread through your dog’s body. Brushing your dog’s teeth is an easy way to remove plaque buildup and avoid serious dental problems.

FactRetriever: Can Dogs Digest Grain?

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Grain in dog food is a hot topic and, naturally, misconceptions have surrounded the topic. One common misconception suggests that dogs can’t digest grain. The reality, however, is that while dogs may have a harder time digesting uncooked grains, properly cooked grains in dog food can be highly digestible. In fact, research has shown that grains like corn actually help the digestion of other nutrients in your dog’s food.

Why Are Veterinarian Visits On The Decline?

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5 Myths About Dog Behavior

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FactRetriever: What Are Animal By-Products in Dog Food?

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