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March 2016

How to Find Better Dog Nutrition Information on the Internet

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How can we help you help your dog? Let’s start by making sure you’re finding the right resources on quality dog food.

How to Decode the Dog Food Industry

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“What’s a safe dog food? Should I trust my veterinarian’s recommendation? Does this big company care about what’s safe for my dog? Has this small company done its research?”

What You Should Know About Dog Food Ingredients & Grain-Free Diets

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Between “super ingredients”, dog food labels, the grain vs. grain-free debate, and the dog food your best friend swears by…is it fair to say that finding the bottom line about dog food ingredients can seem impossible?

The Pursuit of Safe Dog Food

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Manufacturing Safe Dog Food Under Strict Industry Regulations

Featured Blogger: Ann & Conner

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Ann is part of the Just Right® by Purina® blogger community. All experiences and honest opinions are her own.