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We asked Ann to talk about the unique relationship she shares with her pit bull, Shiner. The result is a post that celebrates both Shiner and senior dogs everywhere.

5 Reasons Why I Love My Senior Dog

12 years ago, I found a small pit bull puppy tied up in an alley behind an apartment complex. That was the first time I met my dog, Shiner. I couldn't resist her sweet puppy face and took her home with me. The rest is history.

Shiner just turned 12 years old in March, and it's been a pleasure to watch her grow and share my life with her. She still acts like a young dog, so I am expecting to share many more years with her.

Just because she's technically a senior dog doesn't mean we don't have fun together. Actually, there a lot of wonderful things about having an older dog. Here are five reasons why I love my senior dog.

1.  Senior dogs are easygoing

Shiner still has bursts of energy and wants to play often. However, compared to her younger years she has calmed down a lot. She sleeps quietly next to me on the couch while I work from home.

She barks less, and I attribute this to her old dog hearing loss. She can't hear noises that she'd like to bark at as much, so that means less barking. I think not being able to hear as well as she used to has helped to put her in an overall calmer mood.

2.  They’re loyal & loving

After 12 years of being together, Shiner is such a loyal dog. I mean, she always has been loyal, but her loyalty grows each and every day. She loves being with me and always wants to be where I am. I'm her best friend and she's mine. It's amazing to watch her love for her family grow.

3.  Grey is beautiful

Senior dogs are cute! They may even grow cuter with age. I'd like to argue that senior dogs may be even more adorable than those young whippersnapper puppies that everyone is always cooing over. With their grey muzzles, they've still totally got it going on.

Senior Dog Shiner | Just Right by Purina

4.  Senior dogs are great listeners

Even though she may not be able to hear me all of the time or understand exactly what it is that I'm saying, Shiner is always a great listener. As long as I'm giving her pets or rubbing her belly while I'm talking, she'd probably listen to me for as long as I wanted to talk.

5.  Senior dogs are as gentle as can be

After many years of rough housing as a youngster, my senior dog has gradually learned that there are times when a gentle touch is necessary. She's lived with children her whole life and knows to be careful where she steps if my daughter is sleeping on the bed.

She has also befriended some very small creatures over the past couple of years. We have pet rats and Shiner is great with them. Our first pet rat, Nibblet, and Shiner were the best of friends. It was amazing to watch just how gentle Shiner can be!

How I help keep my senior dog happy & healthy

Because Shiner is unique and considered a "senior," she gets some special treatment. I like to make sure she stays lean with exercise and food portion control. I also keep an eye out for arthritis. Her Just Right ® by Purina® blend of dog food is tailored for her unique nutritional needs as an active senior dog, and this keeps my mind at ease. It also suits her tastes for a grain-free lamb dog food and comes with feeding instructions based on her caloric needs, helping me to take the guesswork out of feeding her the right amount. Plus, she loves eating her Just Right® blend every time I put it in her food bowl.

Shiner may be "old" to some, but to me she is still just as young at heart as she was the day I found her in that alley. Senior dogs are awesome!

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