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9 Answers to Your Dog Nutrition & Wellness Questions

These dog nutrition tips and wellness advice come from our dog food expert and veterinarian, Dr. Taylor.
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Health & Nutrition

How Do Dog’s Digest Their Food, And How Does It Impact Their Health?

A dog's digestive system is important to overall health. What's digestibility? How does it work? Just Right..
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Health & Nutrition

Is Your Dog Struggling with Weight Loss?

Is your dog struggling with weight loss? Just Right can help you find the best dog food for your dog to help..
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Health & Nutrition

How “Carbs” Work in Your Dog’s Body

It’s easy to find conflicting opinions about carbohydrates in dog food.
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Health & Nutrition

Is Your Dog Struggling with Weight Gain?

Does your dog need to gain weight? Just Right can help determine your dog's needs. Learn how personalized dog..
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What Are Animal By-Products in Dog Food?

Animal by-products can be a source of nutrition for your dog's diet. Read about Just Right's stance on animal..
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Health & Nutrition

How Do Dogs Taste Food?

Do dogs have taste? Yes! But you may wonder why your dog seems to prefer some flavors and turns up their nose..
Dog playing with ball in the winter
Health & Nutrition

How to Manage Your Dog’s Weight This Winter

Changing temperatures and seasonal treats can cause winter..
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Overweight? Underweight? Understand Your Dog’s Body Condition Score

Dr. Francis states that “Obesity is one of the diseases we see in veterinary medicine that is both 100%..
Oat meal, pea starch, and corn gluten meal in bowls
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Corn Gluten Meal, Oat Meal, & Pea Starch in Dog Food

Can corn gluten meal, oat meal, & pea protein deliver additional nutrition to your dog and provide a complete..
Vitamins, minerals, fat, protein, and carbohydrates are all macronutrients included in the dog food pyramid.
Health & Nutrition

Your Guide to the Dog Food Pyramid

Just Right knows that every dog is different. Discover what being a “complete and balanced” dog food means..
Cream Dog with Thought Bubble Saying "The Scoop on Poop"
Health & Nutrition

Health Indicators in Your Dog’s Stool

Learn how your dog's poop can be an indicator of health. Follow the dog poop chart from Just Right and look..
Young Woman Feeding Her Dog Bowl of Kibble
Health & Nutrition

Tips for Transitioning: How to Switch Dog Food Safely

There comes a time in every dog’s life when they need a change in food. Maybe you are switching dog food..
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Health & Nutrition

The Truth About Fillers in Dog Food

You want to provide the most nourishing food possible for your dog, and so do we. Let’s take a look at what..
Health & Nutrition

The Surprising Value of Plant-Based Protein in Dog Food

You've probably noticed that pea protein, potato protein, and other plant-based protein sources are included..
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Health & Nutrition

Choosing Between Grain & Grain-Free Dog Food

With the rise of grain-free and gluten-free diets in human food, you may be wondering: is grain-free dog food..