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Dog in back of car ready to travel
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Tips for Traveling with Your Dog This Summer

Whether you’re traveling with a dog on a plane or on a road trip, knowing how to travel with a dog safely and..
Dog drinking water from water bottle
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How to Keep Your Dog Hydrated This Summer

It’s important to know how to keep your dog hydrated and to be aware of any dog dehydration symptoms.
Dog running with water bowl in mouth
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How Much Water Should a Dog Drink Per Day?

Knowing how much water your dog should drink a day is an important factor in their health and happiness. Read..
Dalmation Scratching Its Back on Grass
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What Your Dog’s Skin is Telling You

Let Just Right help you learn about the possible causes of your dog’s skin itchiness, bumps or dryness. Take..
Tan and white dog with its mouth open standing on grass
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How to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth

Dogs use their teeth for crunching kibble, chomping treats and catching tennis balls. But did you know they..