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Choosing Between Grain & Grain-Free Dog Food

grain and seeds on marble

With the rise of grain-free and gluten-free diets in human food, you may be wondering: is grain-free dog food bad, good, or better for your dog? There are many safe alternatives to a grain-based diet. In fact, when it comes to feeding your dog, choosing between grain or grain-free is just that -- your choice.

If you say yes to grains in dog food…

In addition to providing nutrients your dog needs, grains deliver:

  • antioxidants

  • energy-rich carbohydrate

  • fiber to promote digestion

Additionally, grains (such as corn) help your dog digest other nutrients in their food. That’s why we offer grains as an option in our personalized dog food blends to help deliver the 100% complete and balanced nutrition that comes in every bag of Just Right.

If you say no to grains in your dog’s food…

We can create a blend for your dog that is made with cassava root flour. This ingredient delivers:

  • a source of carbohydrate for energy

  • a significant source of essential minerals iron, manganese, and zinc. Cassava root flour is safe for dogs to eat. It is also the same ingredient humans use to make tapioca. Together with other high-quality ingredients, cassava root flour helps to make your dog’s personalized blend 100% complete and balanced if you choose to go grain-free.

Which will you choose? No matter which you prefer, Just Right lets you choose grain or grain-free dog food for your unique dog's needs. Because you should have your say in your dog's nutrition.