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The Health Benefits of Dog Dental Treats

Just Right Dog Dental Chews

Dog treats for dental health make it easy to give your dog a treat you will both love. Your dog will enjoy the unique, chewy texture of a treat, and you will love supporting the health of your dog’s gums, teeth, and bones.  
Just Right offers dog dental treats for small, medium, and large breed adult dogs. Our nutritionist can recommend the ideal number of dental chews for your dog each day. These tasty treats are designed to clean hard-to-reach areas and help reduce tartar and buildup in your dog’s mouth. Just Right dental chews are a great addition to your dog’s personalized nutrition. Each chew offers key benefits to your dog’s overall health: 

  • Cleans hard to reach teeth down to the gumline 
  • Keeps plaque off your dog’s teeth 
  • Made with no added artificial flavors or colors 
  • Helps support healthy bones & teeth 

Feeding your dog, a well-balanced diet is also essential for their oral and overall health. Start a blend for your dog today to discover the difference personalized nutrition can make.  
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