Beeb is part of the Just Right® by Purina® blogger community. All experiences and honest opinions are her own. We asked Beeb to talk about the unique relationship she and her family share with their Labrador, Bob.


‘Tis the Season to Be Thankful for My Dog

Five years ago, my Aunt Kim’s dog, Ruth, had a batch of the most adorable puppies you ever did see. We drove over to her house as soon as they were born and couldn’t wait to get our hands on them! Once we arrived and were introduced to each bundle of joy, Grandma picked up a small, fluffy black pup and said: “This one’s going to be my dog. And I’m going to name him BOB!”

It’s hard to believe that this tiny, fluffy ball has grown into a huge Labrador that now weighs more than his owner! Although Bob is technically Grandma’s dog, he’s really the family dog, because everyone who meets him loves him. And he loves people – always wanting to be involved in whatever’s going on and always wanting to join in on the party. As Grandma has said multiple times: “Bob doesn’t realize he’s a dog – he thinks he’s a person!” Bob is intuitive and caring, and although he has a very energetic personality even during times when Grandma or others have been ill, he senses it and slows down to show them calm, gentle affection.

We treat Bob as a part of the family – and like any family member, he has his own tastes and preferences. Just like we cook a special casserole for a family member who loves it, we like to make sure that Bob has food he enjoys, and even more importantly, food that is good for him. That is why we’re thrilled to have found Just Right by Purina, where we can personalize Bob’s blend. From his favorite meat – lamb – to the grain-free ingredients that his vet recommends, Just Right provides the nutrition that will help keep good old Robert happy and healthy for many years to come! We are so lucky to have found Bob that fateful day five years ago, and I know he will continue to put a smile on our faces!


Your dog is part of the family too. Just Right by Purina gives him the high-quality nutrition he needs with the personal touch he deserves.

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Beeb Ashcroft is the head writer and social media manager for the MomStart blog. Born in London, England, Beeb moved to the U.S.A. in 1989 and currently lives on the Oregon coast where she writes about everything from travel, pop culture, recipes, and more. Want more of Beeb and Bob? Read her review of Bob’s personalized dog food.