In Part 1 of What's Your Dog's Poop Telling You, we talked about what a normal poop looks like and how to determine what's normal for your dog: Color, shape, consistency, size, content, plus answers to "Why do dogs eat their own poop?" and "Why is my dog scooting on his butt?"

In case you missed it...READ PART 1!

So you know how to identify what's normal for your dog, but what if things aren't the status quo? What if there isn't poop in the equation at all, or maybe...too much poop? This time, we're talking about why your dog could be constipated, why your dog might have diarrhea, and how to help when things are going wrong. Buckle up. Things could get messy.

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What Goes In Must Come Out 

Is your dog getting the complete and balanced diet he needs to help him with happy, healthy dog poop? Create his personalized dog food to help with his nutritional (and potty time) needs. 


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