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Is Your Dog Struggling with Weight Gain?

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Personalized Dog Food for Weight Gain Support

You want your dog to be the healthiest and happiest version of themselves. If your dog needs some help achieving a healthy weight and body condition score our team of experts is here to help you both. While a body condition score can help see if your dog is underweight, ideal, or overweight, our Just Right experts can also support your dog’s healthy weight gain journey with a dog food that’s tailored for their unique weight goals.

Determining Your Dog’s Unique Needs - Down to the Calorie Count

A healthy weight starts with the right food and the right amount. How much food is the right amount? Is a bowlful right? A handful? It can be hard to guess, especially when your dog’s weight gain depends on it. At Just Right, we don’t believe in guesswork. Our experts use the details you provide about your dog to calculate a precise daily calorie count, measuring amount and appropriate scoop size so you can feed your dog confidently.

Plus, as your dog’s weight changes, their nutritional plan can change right along with them. With a little time and the right nutrition, your dog can enjoy the benefits of an ideal weight!

Calculating How Much to Feed Your Dog

example dog food feeding planexample dog food feeding plan

Weight, Age and Activity Level
Based on unique factors like your dog's weight, age and activity level, we'll recommend the serving size and a daily calorie count that's the right amount of dog food to gain weight, maintain weight, or lose those pesky extra pounds.

Want to Talk it Through?
Have questions? Wondering what to feed a dog to help them gain weight? Reach out to our Customer Care Team, we’re here to help. Or, start a unique blend for your dog by clicking the button below!