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My Dog Adoption Tail

Conner is the second dog I’ve had since my divorce. My first was a black retriever mix named Reggie. He lived 15 long, happy years with me; and when he crossed over that rainbow bridge, I wasn’t sure I’d ever want another dog.

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But a few short weeks after Reggie’s passing I found myself scanning the website for Los Angeles County Animal Control. It was right before my company’s holiday luncheon when I came across Conner’s picture online.

When I clicked on the photo of this black dog, he looked so scared and forlorn; and when I saw that the picture was 30 days old my heart sank. I asked a friend at work to call and see if he was still available.

As luck would have it, he was only available until the end of the day. I still had time to save his life.

I rushed out the door and made it down there with an hour to spare. I was directed to a muddy pen to wait for them to bring Conner out to meet me. When Conner walked into the pen, he looked so scared; and when I bent down to pet him, he just leaned into me and shivered.

Talk about heart-breaking! I went up to the main office immediately, paid my fees, and brought him home a few days later. Since that day, we’ve had our ups and downs (as in all families), but I wouldn’t trade him for anything.


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Before Conner came home with me, he’d been running the streets for weeks before Animal Control was finally able to catch him. Eating scraps and trash and drinking from the gutter were all habits that we had to work on changing. However, finding good, nutritious food that he’d eat (picky dog that he is) was not an easy task. And when I brought Teddy (my second rescue dog) home, I found myself with two picky eaters.

I was extremely blessed to discover that both of my boys LOVE Just Right by Purina. Feeding my fur-mily healthy, quality dog food is important – especially when their diets were so poor before they came to live with me. I don’t know exactly what their lives were like before I rescued them, but their home is with me now. And they deserve the best dog food and treats I can find.

One of the best things about Just Right by Purina is that I can personalize their dog food to best fit their nutritional needs and preferences. For example, I’ve discovered that my boys love the chicken better than the lamb or fish. I can also order the grain-free dog food option.

Whenever we’re running low on dog food, I just log into my account, reorder Conner’s Blend, and it arrives on my doorstep a few days later! The easy process makes me happy, my boys are happy, and I can see that they’re eating personalized dog food they love and that’s good for them! That makes Just Right by Purina a win-win in my book (theirs too, I’ll bet!).


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No matter your dog's story, he deserves the food that's right for him. Create a blend of Just Right by Purina and discover what personalized nutrition can do.

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