Your dog’s digestive system makes up about 70% of your dog's total immune system function.

It's no secret. Your dog's digestive system is incredibly important to his health: “70% of a dog’s immune system is associated with the gut,” says Purina Research Scientist Melinda Fleming, DVM. "An upset digestive tract can result in reduced immunity." And as every dog owner knows, an unhappy digestive system makes for a very unhappy pup.

But what about digestibility? It's one of those concepts that's talked about a ton, but never really explained. In a nutshell, digestibility points to how much of the nutrients your dog’s body can absorb from his food. If a diet is highly digestible, that means that the food can be easily broken down and nutrients can easily be used throughout your dog's body. Hypothetically, you could jam a food full of all the nutrients you want. But if the food isn't digestible, then your dog won't be benefiting from any of them...and you'll end up with a good amount of waste to clean up instead.

There's a lot to unpack when it comes to the digestive system. So what's going on in there? Just Right by Purina walks you through the whole process, from bowl to backyard.

How Dogs Digest infographic

But wait, there's more!

Dog poop can be a very visible sign of how your dog's digestive system is working, as well as a good indicator of his overall health. So...ready to diagnose what your dog's poop is telling you? Bring it full circle with the help of our infamous dog poop infographic.

Looking for dog food for a sensitive stomach?

Thinking that maybe your dog's digestive health could use some improvement? Maybe your dog has a sensitive stomach? No problem – create a blend of food that's personalized for your dog's nutritional needs.


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