Our food is formulated by nutritional experts, but you shouldn't need a PhD to understand what’s in your dog’s food. There should be an easy way to understand all the ingredients and nutrients that go into the food, but sometimes the label can be confusing.

The list of ingredients

It’s important to know that all pet food companies are required by law to list all ingredients by order of predominance and vitamins and minerals by their chemical name on a pet food label. As a result, many of the ingredients you see on pet food labels, including our own Just Right® label, include words that may not be familiar. While ferrous sulfate may sound intimidating, for example, it’s actually just a source of iron.

Ingredient and nutrient groups

All of the Just Right® recipes contain ingredients and nutrients that fall into basic groups: protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamins, minerals, and palatants (also known as flavors). Whether these ingredients are meant to provide a nutritional benefit or make the food more palatable, each ingredient serves a specific purpose and ultimately makes up a 100% complete and balanced diet that’s perfect for everyday feeding.

Understanding your Just Right® dog food label

Take a look at the back of your Just Right® bag, and you’ll notice the label is divided into five sections.

    • Customized Support Areas

    This section highlights key characteristics of your Just Right® personalized blend, based on your input regarding your dog’s physical and behavioral characteristics, age, dietary needs, and grain preferences.

    • Guaranteed Analysis

    The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) recommends a minimum and sometimes a maximum level of nutrients. The guaranteed analysis shows the minimum or maximum level of certain nutrients contained in your Just Right® formula. Your Just Right® personalized blend always meets or exceeds these standards.

    • Ingredients

    Like human food products, ingredients are listed in descending order by content weight. In all Just Right® recipes, real lamb, chicken, or salmon is the #1 ingredient. Most of the chemical-sounding names fall toward the end of the ingredient list and can be classified as vitamins or minerals.

    • Nutritional Adequacy Statement

    This states that our food is complete and balanced to meet the standards of an established nutritional profile.

    • Recommended Daily Feeding Amount

    We provide personalized feeding instructions based on your dog’s physical and behavioral characteristics, such as activity level, breed size and weight. Knowing exactly how many calories to feed your dog can help you reach or maintain his ideal body condition.

    Understanding the requirements of a pet food label helps to ensure that we are following regulatory standards. In addition to the guaranteed analysis and recommended feeding amount, you can also rest assured that every bag of Just Right® is formulated to be 100% complete and balanced, giving your dog the nutrition he needs every time his kibble hits the bowl.


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