Like we do for our own food, many dog owners are asking “Where do the ingredients in my dog’s food come from?” We’re proud of the ingredients we use to create your personalized dog food, and even prouder that we make it in our own Purina-owned facilities in the U.S. We think you’ll be proud to feed it too. So, based on questions from owners like you, here’s the story behind the first ingredient found in each of our blends: real meat, fish, or poultry.

You refer to using high-quality protein sources, but what does high-quality mean?

Our Just Right® Nutritionist Chris Wildman says it best: a high-quality ingredient is one that is inherently safe and offers nutritional value. We put safety and nutrition above all else.

Where is the meat in my dog’s Just Right® food sourced?

The chicken we use in our recipes is sourced from various farms in the United States and Canada. The lamb we use in our recipes is ranch-raised and sourced from New Zealand and Australia. And the salmon we use in our recipes is either wild-caught off the coast of Alaska or raised on farms and acquired after the filets are removed for the human food market.

How are the animal protein sources in the Just Right® recipes sourced?

We know that the quality of our ingredients depends not only on where the ingredients are sourced – but how they’re sourced.  We require that all of our ingredient suppliers meet our rigorous standards for ingredient specifications, product safety, sanitation and manufacturing processes before we partner with them. That’s the first step in ensuring quality of our Just Right® animal proteins.

How do you keep the meat, fish, poultry and other ingredients safe during manufacturing?

Because Purina owns its own manufacturing facilities here in the U.S., Just Right® ingredients are inspected by on-site quality assurance analysts and expert staff. In addition, Just Right® ingredients are tracked by a sophisticated system from the time all raw ingredients are received to the time the finished product arrives at your doorstep.

How can I learn more about Just Right® quality assurance practices?

There’s much more to explore about our quality and safety standards at

If you're looking for high-quality, premium nutrition for your dog, create a blend with Just Right®.