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Bob bounded into our home with endless energy – his foster parents in tow – and instantly walked around like he owned the place. I knew that I had met my match: my loving, excitable, gentle, farting Bob. (Fact: He farts every time he goes up the stairs. Every time for the last 4 years. He's a walking fart joke waiting to happen, “unique” doesn’t even begin to describe him!)

Despite his high-octane entrance into my life, Bob had some intense separation anxiety during the first month he lived with us. He missed his foster parents and the life he’d known before, and we had to work through all that nervous energy to help him settle in. But now he knows he’s home and he’s free to be his quirky self, whether that’s howling along with the lady who walks down our street singing to herself, carrying around his favorite toys wherever he goes, or tucking himself into bed promptly at 9pm each night.

When it comes to his food, I want to make sure that he’s getting exactly what he needs to stay active and healthy, especially as he enters his senior years. Since he made the switch to a personalized blend from Just Right by Purina, he’s lost the weight that he needed to lose, his visits to the veterinarian are great, and his stool is generally firm and healthy. For Bob, the proof is in his stellar vet reports! He used to be a picky eater, so it took some trial and error to figure out which flavor of his personalized blend he liked best. Now? He regularly stands in front of a full bowl of food and barks until you shake it and present it to him. Yeah, he’s become quite the “foodie.” No wonder he loves a food that’s as unique as he is.

Bob is an indispensable part of the family with as many lessons to teach me as I have to teach him. He’s became my unofficial support dog, teaching me that I am capable of caring for another being and giving me the confidence to become a first-time (human) mom. While our house is most definitely louder and covered in more hair than it would be if he didn’t live here, I couldn’t imagine life without him.

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