Co-authored by Lori Pace. Lori and Jack are part of the Just Right® by Purina® blogger community. All experiences and honest opinions are their own.

"He rescued me."

It's hard to believe that my fun-loving beagle who brings nothing but smiles to my family went through a horrible life before he met us.

From the time he was born, Jack lived in a garage, only being let out to run around the neighborhood. The pound had picked him up several times, but when it wasn't until they noticed a severe abuse-related injury to his eye that they called the rescue shelter. The Houston Beagle and Hound Rescue saved his life by paying to remove his eye when he was just a year old – I found him online a few weeks later and adopted him straightaway. Aside from a few crashes into the dog door (I mean, it would happen to the best of us!), his one eye hasn't held him back a bit.

I'll never forget when my kids came home from a visit with their dad and met Jack for the first time: He was so skinny and so in need in human love that there was an instant connection. Seeing my three daughters' happy faces and his wagging tail as he soaked up the attention (and the belly scratches!) will always be one of my favorite memories. The first night at home with me, he curled up in my arms and fell asleep and stayed like that for hours. There's nothing more humbling than seeing a dog so grateful for a second chance.

I always say that Jack wasn't the only one who was rescued – he's rescued me too. As a single mom, a lot of stress falls on my shoulders, and Jack has been an absolute and constant blessing in my life. I remember when I had an especially tough day when my kids had gone for an elongated visit with their dad. I found myself in tears missing them when Jack jumped up on my bed and curled his little head right under mine. We just laid like that for a while until I could get up.

Even though Jack's been a snuggler from the start, it's taken much longer for him to learn to fully trust us and feel safe in his forever home. He finally gave me an actual kiss on the 1 year anniversary of his adoption and doesn't cower anymore. Now he's a goofy, attention-seeking, mischievous boy who loves being a "brother" to my kids, my other dogs, and to my pack of foster beagles.

One-Eyed Jack | Reviews of Just Right by Purina

"Jack has the energy to be the beagle he deserves to be."

I've been a fan of Purina for a long time, but personalized dog food from Just Right by Purina takes quality nutrition a step further – not only does Jack get exactly the right nutrition he needs at every meal, but I love that it's food that's as unique as he is. After starting his personalized blend three years ago, I've noticed that his incredibly soft fur has become even softer (which I didn't think was possible!) and that his coat is definitely shinier than it was. Another plus is that Jack's weight is stable at a time when many beagles start gaining weight. After such a rocky start to life, I love that Jack has the energy to be the beagle he deserves to be. For Jack, "happy and healthy" means that he's playing and interacting with me, the kids, and the other dogs – and that he's never scared again. So if begging his little sister, Joy, to play chase with him and rolling on his back to demand belly rubs is any indication, he's living his happiest and healthiest life yet.

As a single mom, I work incredibly hard every day to be the best mom to my kids. Having a personalized dog food gives me the confidence that I'm being the best dog mom I can be to Jack, too.

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