Co-authored by Jenny Michelle. Jenny and Snow are part of the Just Right® by Purina® blogger community. All experiences and honest opinions are their own.

She loves putting her head in people’s laps as they eat.

She strikes fear into the hearts of every neighborhood squirrel.

And she is the most rewarding sacrifice I've ever made.

Snow is as shepherd as shepherd can be. She's strong, confident, protective, loves anything to do with being outdoors, and is as smart as a whip. I've never met another dog who could tell where you're going based on the shoes you pick out; if it’s the “dog walking” shoes, she knows and starts jumping up and down until we're out the door for the first hike of the day.

She wasn't always so confident though. Snow was adopted and returned, adopted and returned, rescued, and then adopted again all before she'd reached her first birthday. So when we finally brought Snow back to her new forever home, she was nervous and had a difficult time bonding with us. With so much instability up to that point in her short life, it's no wonder she hated eating too. We went through so many brands and were constantly transitioning her to something new, trying to figure out which variables would be perfect for her. What kind of protein? Grain-free? Oven baked?(!) There were so many options out there, but very little information that I could trust to explain the differences. Even when we found a food that was fine, I still couldn't be sure what was in it.

When we finally found Just Right three years ago, I was so proud to be able to give Snow the consistency that she'd rarely had before in her life. She started to love her food for the first time, turning mealtime into an hours-long struggle to get her to eat into an empty bowl in five minutes flat. Her glossy coat, healthy weight, and solid stools are proof to me that the high quality ingredients in her personalized Just Right blend support her in the ways she needs most. And for me, I love seeing Snow's picture on the bag and knowing what's in her food.

It can be demanding to give her all the attention and the exercise she needs. Honestly, there are just some days where I'd like nothing more than to sit down and breathe a second after a long, intense day at work. But there's no one I'd rather make the sacrifice for. Especially when times are tough, her presence helps so much.

With Snow, it's the little moments together that matter most – like the first time she nuzzled her head into my chest. She's my best friend, my favorite hiking buddy, and my partner in crime. She's taught me patience, kindness, and how to love something more than myself. In return, I always try to make her feel loved too, whether that's by snuggling her closer despite her protests or sneaking her a couple extra treats. I know Snow is living her best life because she's happy, healthy...and always up for a good belly rub.

Snow the Shepherd | Just Right by Purina

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