“What’s a safe dog food? Should I trust my veterinarian’s recommendation? Does this big company care about what’s safe for my dog? Has this small company done its research?”

With all these questions, the answer to “what’s the best food for my dog?” isn’t easy. It doesn’t help that there’s incredible number of myths clouding the truth about the dog food industry. Honestly? We hate that. As dog owners ourselves, we know that you deserve transparency into the industry you trust to feed your dog.

To bridge the gap between what you might have heard on the Internet and what’s true, we’ve paired up with Dr. Lauren Pagliughi, DVM, who lends her veterinary expertise to Just Right by Purina personalized dog food. In the second of this three-part series, Dr. Lauren digs deeper into the surprising things your veterinarian wishes you knew. Fair enough? Let’s jump in with some of the most circulated myths about the pet food industry.


Manufacturing Safe Dog Food Under Strict Industry Regulations

INTERNET SAYS: The dog food industry is hardly regulated. Plus, its quality and safety practices are extremely lax.

DR. LAUREN SAYS: In reality, dog food is a very highly regulated industry. Its standards for safety and quality are equal to, or in some cases, surpass those of the human food industry! Though pet food regulations may not be the sexiest sounding topic, it's actually pretty fascinating the steps our regulators take to ensure quality, safe dog food. Check out our infographic on pet food regulations if you want to dig deeper!


Veterinarian Recommended Pet Food

INTERNET SAYS: Big dog food companies are all about the bottom dollar. And the veterinarians who recommend this food are surely getting a cut from the company.

DR. LAUREN SAYS: Big companies like Purina, Mars, and Hills have the resources to advance pet nutrition through research and development. And who doesn’t want that? Purina, for example, has over 500 scientists – including veterinarians and PhD nutritionists – who dedicate their careers to bettering the lives of our pets. Through research, experts recognized the need for the nutrient DHA (which is found in mothers’ milk) for brain development in puppies and kittens. Now, the use of DHA in food for young pets is a requirement in quality pet food!

Dan, a Plant Supervisor for Purina in St. Louis puts it best:


Big companies want animals to live a long healthy life, just like you, and they’re often responsible for paving the way toward progress. Cutting corners doesn’t make that happen, nor does it make for safe pet food.

Veterinarians dedicate their careers to your pets and take an oath to do no harm and to improve the lives of animals. If your veterinarian is recommending a certain diet, it’s likely because he or she believes it's the best diet to enhance your pet’s health. If you believe your veterinarian is selling pet food just to make money, you should switch vets.


Distinguishing Between Marketing and Proven Research

INTERNET SAYS: Big companies only care about money and produce “bunk” research.

DR. LAUREN SAYS: As mentioned above, Purina has the resources to invest in pet nutrition research. It is our common goal at Purina to enhance the quality of our pet’s lives through the best nutrition possible. Our researchers at Purina completed a life span study that showed feeding dogs to an ideal body condition over a lifetime can significantly extend a dog’s healthy years – by an average of 1.8 years for the dogs in the study. This means that Purina sponsored a study that concluded pet owners should feed less food to their pets – a company that makes money by selling pet food! Other Purina research also led to the development of Purina ProPlan Bright Mind, a diet enhanced with enhanced botanical oils that have been shown to promote alertness and mental sharpness in dogs 7 years of age and older, with visible results within 30 days.

Our goal at Purina is to nourish dogs and cats with the best nutrition possible. We can only do this by continually improving the nutrition that goes into our diets. Our company would have gone bankrupt a long time ago if our diets weren’t helping animals to live long healthy lives!


Better Information for a Better Life with Your Dog

The Internet isn’t going anywhere, and neither is the misinformation surrounding the pet food industry. But with the right resources and by working with the experts at Just Right by Purina, you can create a high-quality blend of dog food that’s personalized for your dog’s nutritional needs and preferences.

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