We hear a lot from dog owners that “If I can’t pronounce it, then I don’t want it in my dog’s food.” These days, there’s an immediate sense of fear and distrust around ingredients that don’t sound like they’ve come from a farmer’s market, and unfortunately, many dog food companies play into that fear. But is it really fair to determine if an ingredient is healthy or safe just by its name?

We agree: the chemistry-level name of nutrients may not be very dog-owner friendly (and yes, they can make us trip over our tongues too). However, those specific names are important to scientists because it tells them exactly what they’re looking at. Some of the ingredients and nutrients in Just Right blends might be a mouthful, but every one of them is chosen for a specific purpose.

So...can’t pronounce an ingredient? Because there’s no escaping the fact that everything is chemicals, we're introducing our Dog Food Ingredient Pronunciation Guide. You got this.

Scary Dog Food Ingredients Infographic