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For those of you that didn’t know, February 20th is National Love Your Pet Day, but I celebrate this day every day with Scooby the Corgi! Being a college student is not always easy, but with Scooby by my side, it’s not so bad! I started college at a two-year school to play soccer. After those two years, I had to leave soccer behind and transfer to a four-year school to finish my degree. Transferring to a brand new school where I didn’t know anyone and not getting to play the game I love was very difficult. With too much time on my hands I was upset and needed a companion to talk to, care for and make me smile. I knew that it was time for a dog.

All my life I have wanted a dog of my own. My parents never let me get a dog because I was never home due to soccer and school. So throughout my life, I had to play with stuffed animal dogs or dogs at the shelters. I had a pet fish and turtles, but they didn’t compare to my want for a dog. Finally, being in college and not playing soccer anymore made me realize that it was time to get my own. I searched for months to find the breed that would suit my needs and lifestyle, and one that could be okay living in an apartment while I finished my last two years of school. I finally found Scooby, and was able to pick him up the next day. It was love at first sight—my heart was full and I was happy again!

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Raising a dog while in college can be a challenge, but I make sure to put Scooby’s wants and needs first. Health and nutrition is a must, because Corgis tend to be a breed that can easily become overweight. I make sure to take Scooby on multiple walks a day, and give him a lot of playtime in the house with his toys in between doing my homework. Whenever we get free time, we like to drive an hour and go hiking in the mountains. We are also always attending Corgi meet ups, or play dates with his siblings.

Scooby the Corgi | Just Right by Purina


In addition to his health and physical activity, nutrition is equally as important to Scooby’s health. I make sure to give him the best food possible, which in my opinion, is a personalized blend from Just Right by Purina. He’s a picky eater, so the fact that I have the option to personalize his food to his liking is so great. The other thing I enjoy about Just Right is the free shipping. Even though I’m busy with classes, I never have to worry about running to the store to buy more because his food is delivered straight to my doorstep!

Scooby has been a healthy and happy pup in the past year that I have had him, and he loves his personalized blend of Just Right. We share such a special bond and he has truly changed the life of my family and my life for the better. He is always putting a smile on someone’s face and I will continue to love Scooby endlessly for many years to come!


If you're like Tori, you know how important nutrition is. So why not create a blend of food that's just right for your unique dog's needs?

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Scooby is a celebrity dog who's rarely seen without a smile. You can follow all of his adventures with Tori on Instagram at @Scooby_the_Corgi.