With the rise of grain-free and gluten-free diets in human food, people are wondering, why grain-free dog food? We believe when it comes to grains, the choice to feed them or not to feed them to your dog depends entirely on your preference.

If you say yes to grains in dog food…

Grains deliver nutrients dogs need. They provide antioxidants, energy-rich carbohydrate, and fiber to promote digestion. Grains, such as corn, have proven to help your dog digest other nutrients in their foods. That’s why we offer grains as an option in our recipes to help deliver the 100% complete and balanced nutrition that comes in every bag of Just Right by Purina.

If you say no to grains in dog food…

As an alternative to grains, we offer no grain dog food made with cassava root flour. This ingredient serves as a source of carbohydrate for energy. It’s also the same ingredient that’s used to make tapioca that humans eat. Together with other high-quality ingredients, cassava root flour helps to make your dog’s personalized blend 100% complete and balanced if you choose to go without grains.


Which will you choose? No matter which you prefer, Just Right lets you choose grain or grain-free dog food for your unique dog's needs. Because you should have your say in your dog's nutrition.

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