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Grain-Free Fomulas

  1. Does Just Right by Purina use grains? If so, why?

    Yes. Every ingredient serves a purpose in Just Right by Purina pet food formulas. The carbohydrate, protein and other nutrients provided by grains add to both the nutritional value and structure of pet food. Grains are rich sources of carbohydrate that supply your pet’s body with energy. While carbohydrate is not an essential dietary nutrient like protein and fat, it is useful in sparing protein from being used as an energy source. In other words, carbohydrate can be used to meet the body’s energy needs so that protein can be used for its most important function ― protein synthesis. If sources of carbohydrate, such as those from grains, are available, dietary protein is also used to build and maintain muscle and tissue. In addition to carbohydrate, grains provide antioxidants, fiber that contributes to gastrointestinal health, and essential fatty acids that contribute to a healthy skin and coat.

  2. Do you offer a grain-free formula as an option?

    Yes. We formulate most of our products with grains because they provide needed nutrients as part of a nutritionally complete and balanced diet. However, we recognize that some pet owners are selective about certain ingredients and may desire grain-free diets for their pets, so we do offer the option to exclude grains from their dogs’ personalized blends to meet those needs and preferences. 

  3. What ingredients do you use in place of grain?

    Our grain-free formulas contain alternative sources of carbohydrates, including cassava root flour and pea starch. Learn more about all of our Just Right ingredients, including grain-free carbohydrate sources, in our Ingredients section.

  4. Is Cassava Root poisonous? I read that it contains cyanide.

    The cassava root flour in our products is cooked and therefore is not harmful to dogs or cats.