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Corn Gluten Meal
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Corn Gluten Meal

What is corn gluten meal?

Corn gluten meal is the dried meal from corn after the starch has been removed and the germ has separated from the bran.

How does corn gluten meal benefit my dog?

The corn gluten meal in Just Right blends provides your dog with up to three times the amount of protein that chicken does. Corn gluten meal contains an average of 60-70% protein per gram compared to 20% protein per gram in chicken.

What else should I know about corn gluten meal?

Corn gluten meal is often misinterpreted as a filler ingredient, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Corn gluten meal is a natural ingredient that effectively contributes to the complete amino acid profile your dog needs in his diet, while also lending structure and a satisfying crunch to his kibble. Just Right sources 100% of our corn used in our corn gluten meal from the U.S.A.

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