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Soybean Flour
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Soybean Flour

What is soybean flour?

After oil is removed from whole soybeans, they’re ground into flour, resulting in soybean flour. The process is similar to when wheat is ground into flour for baking.

How does soybean flour benefit my dog?

Soybean flour contains many of the essential amino acids your dog needs, especially lysine. It’s also a source of fatty acids & a good source of fiber, vitamins, folic acid, potassium & key antioxidants. Altogether, soybean flour is easy for your dog to digest, contributes to your dog’s muscle development, contributes to a healthy immune system & helps him maintain healthy skin & coat.

What else should I know about soybean flour?

Because of soybean flour’s complementary amino acid profile, it tends to combine well with other protein sources & grains.