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Meet the experts behind Just Right.

Cutting edge nutrition for the pets we love.

Our nutritionists at Purina have always known that pet owners are a valuable source of information about their pets, information that could help us create a personalized, optimized diet for each individual pet. But we’ve never had the opportunity to get to know each owner and pet individually. We created Just Right with that objective. With Just Right, our team of nutritionists can now apply what you know and design a diet tailored for your dog’s individual needs. A new approach for the industry, Just Right takes the guesswork out of what to feed your dog. And as fellow dog lovers, we think that’s pretty exciting.

Learn more about the team.

Dr. Asa M. Gore, PhD

Asa has a Weimaraner named Adda whose talents include pointing and scenting. As for Asa’s talents, he enjoys hunting, fishing, playing the guitar and making his favorite food (boiled peanuts) disappear. He received his BS in Animal Science from Clemson University, MS from Virginia Tech University and PhD in Animal Nutrition from the University of Georgia. In his role as a Research Nutritionist at the Nestlé Purina Product Technology Center, Asa serves as the primary nutritionist responsible for development of claims and claims substantiation for new and existing products across the portfolio. Asa’s research interests have included long-term studies evaluating response to bioactives in growing kittens, puppies and adult dogs.

Dr. Melissa Kelly, PhD

Melissa has a 12-year-old Lab mix named Jezzie whose favorite activities include going on car rides, taking walks and getting attention. While Jezzie has retired from jogging with her, Melissa still enjoys running marathons, as well as cycling and traveling. After receiving her PhD in Human Nutrition Science from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Melissa joined Nestlé Purina on the Global Nutrition and Technical Communications team. Melissa is a Senior Nutrition Scientist, where she has 12 years of expertise in interfacing between R&D and Marketing to translate science into easy-to-understand scientific stories for all communication touch points. Melissa is responsible for developing effective science-based tool kits and campaigns that educate internal and external stakeholders about the company’s commitment to nutrition, health and wellness. In addition, Melissa develops and delivers internal training in relevant areas of pet nutrition. Her areas of interest include general nutrition, weight management, aging and probiotics.

Dr. Mark Roos, PhD

Mark has fond memories of growing up on a farm where there were always dogs around. His favorite childhood pet was his dog, Caleb, but Mark is a cat person, too. He and his wife currently have two indoor cats that are like family. Mark attended the University of Illinois, where he received a BS in Animal Sciences and an MS and PhD in Animal Nutrition. He works at the Nestlé Purina Product Technology Center with a team of nutritionists and veterinarians to bring the latest advancements in pet nutrition into global products. Outside of work, Mark enjoys playing golf, doing yard work and enjoying a rib-eye steak with a side of sweet potato fries.

Dr. Fred Xu, PhD

When he’s not working at the Nestlé Purina Product Technology Center as a Senior Research Scientist, Fred enjoys playing ping-pong and golf. He obtained his BS and MS degrees in Biology and lectured at Zhongshan University in China. Fred was awarded the Pratt Fellowship to study animal nutrition at Virginia Tech, and the Ross Scholarship to study food sciences and nutrition at Purdue University. After he earned a PhD at Purdue, he joined Nestlé Purina in 1995 and has held various positions in research and product development. During his 17-year career at Purina, Fred has conducted research in the areas of osteoarthritis and joint health, hairball control, lower urinary tract diseases in felines, canine dermatitis, gastrointestinal health and renal health. He has been involved in many innovation and renovation product developments for global markets and provides global nutrition support and training for the Nestlé Purina PetCare Company worldwide.