Natural Dog Food + Vitamins & Minerals

Personalized Nutrition for Your Dog

Confidence Without Compromise

We believe the best nutrition is personalized. And since you know your dog’s individual needs and preferences firsthand, you should have a say when it comes to his diet. That’s why Just Right® by Purina® combines your knowledge of your unique dog with our nutritional expertise. Together, we create a unique approach to personalized nutrition that’s designed to help keep him happy and healthy throughout his life. Because you deserve to choose your dog’s food with confidence and without compromise.

Tell us about your dog.

You know your dog best, so tell us about him. His age, breed size, body condition, coat condition, activity level, protein preference, and even his stool quality – information that we wouldn’t know without you.

Create his personalized nutrition.

Based on your input, we then apply our nutritional expertise and recommend a dog food blend that’s personalized to his needs and preferences.

Order, receive, enjoy.

Our company-owned facility in Clinton, Iowa creates your dog’s personalized food. When you order, we’ll ship it straight to your door for free. Automatic dog food delivery is also available at no extra charge!