Natural Dog Food + Vitamins & Minerals

Personalized Order FAQs

  1. I ordered a 24 lb. bag and instead I received four 6 lb. bags of food. Is this right?

    That’s correct. We currently package our blends into 6lb bags only, as we find that smaller bags help maintain the freshness of the product. If you ordered 12 or 24lbs of food, you should expect to receive two or four 6lb bags, respectively.

  2. How did the website come up with its recommendation for my dog?

    When you tell us about your dog with inputs like his/her breed size, life stage, weight, activity level, special needs and dietary preferences, the proprietary decision criteria, created by our nutritionists, will generate a profile that is optimized for your dog's combination of nutritional needs. Our approach to creating a personalized blend is proprietary, but we can say that our Just Right blends are able to meet the unique nutritional needs of over 250 potential combinations of pet owner inputs. All Just Right blends are unique to the Just Right® by Purina® brand and always meet or exceed AAFCO complete and balanced standards.

    Once your order is placed, we pack and send your dog's food directly to your home in a personalized bag with his name and photo. When you’re ready to reorder or want to adjust your dog's profile, just log in to your account and let us know.

    To learn more, please visit our How You Create It and How We Make It pages.

  3. How can I customize the food recommendation for my dog?

    After answering questions about your dog, you have the option to choose if you want grains and soy in your formula. Also, you can substitute protein sources after we have recommended a nutritional profile, such as salmon, chicken or lamb.

  4. What happens when I substitute protein sources?

    Our recommendation takes into account the nutrition delivered by the primary protein source. However, when you substitute that protein source for another, we can still deliver the designed nutrition by supplementing the formula with other ingredients. For example, some dogs recommended formula contain salmon as the first ingredient, due to its elevated levels of omega 3 fatty acids. If you switch to a chicken or lamb formula, we will supplement it with fish oil to make sure your dog is still getting omega 3 fatty acids that are appropriate for its nutritional needs.

  5. Are you going to offer more personalized selections in the future?

    Our team of experts is working to develop even more customizable options around the form, flavor and function of the pet’s food. If you have suggestions for how we can make the Just Right experience better for you and your dog, please contact one of our Just Right experts to share your valued feedback with us via phone at 1-855-842-0493, email, or Live Chat.

  6. Can I personalize formulas for multiple dogs?

    Absolutely! Because we believe that every dog is unique, our site is designed so that you can create, save, and order separate blends for multiple dogs. You’ll be able to view the blends you’ve saved or ordered for each of your dogs by logging in to your account and viewing your Ordered Blends and Saved Blends.

  7. Do you offer Just Right by Purina for cats?

    We currently do not offer Just Right by Purina products for cats, but we hope to provide a personalized opportunity in the near future.

  8. What are the different weight ranges for the different breed sizes?

    • Toy breeds weigh between 3-12 lbs

    • Small breeds weigh between 13 – 20 lbs

    • Medium breeds weigh between 21 – 50 lbs

    • Large breeds weigh between 51 – 100 lbs

    • Giant breeds weigh 100 lbs or more

  9. If the product is damaged or incorrect upon receipt, how do I get a refund or replacement?

    Please contact our team by phone at 1-855-842-0493, via email, or via the Live Chat button and one of our Just Right Experts will be happy to assist you.

  10. Can I be setup for subscription ordering/auto-replenishment since I order the same blend regularly?

    Absolutely – we want to make providing your dog with personalized nutrition as convenient as possible, and our auto-replenishment service is a great way to do that! With auto-replenishment, we use the personalized feeding recommendations for your dog's blend to schedule and automatically ship your next supply of food when the time is right, saving you from having to manually reorder each time you need a new supply of food. Click here to learn more about our auto-replenishment service and how to enroll.