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Personalized nutrition for your dog. Personalized nutrition for your dog.
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Just Right by Purina personalized dog food blend for Biscuit.

Get started by creating a blend. You’ll see how every step allows us to tailor your dog’s food to his nutritional needs.

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What do you want

in a dog food?

Many dog foods claim to be all things for all dogs. Just Right® 
is different. With us, it’s all about your unique dog. What’s his activity level? Coat condition? Stool quality? We ask, and you tell us what makes him unique. The result? A personalized, natural food just for him that’s based on his unique nutritional needs.

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Use code TRYJR at checkout to save 50% on your first order.


"What do you feed yourself, what do you feed your children? We want to feed our pet the same stuff."