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Photo Upload FAQs

  1. How do I upload a photo for use on my bag?

    From your computer:
    Click the camera image when the site prompts you to Upload Your Photo. On the left side of the window that popped up, you can select a photo to securely upload from your computer, Facebook, Flickr, Google Drive, or Instagram. If you choose to upload a picture from one of your online accounts, Connect to the service, and then Authorize or Sign In. Once you’ve selected a picture and cropped it to your liking, click Save.

    From your smartphone or tablet:
    If you’d like to upload a photo from your device’s photo library or take a new photo with your device:

      • Click “Choose File” OR
      • Click the camera icon

    To securely upload a picture from your online accounts like Facebook, Flickr, Google Drive, or Instagram; click the icon with the three stacked lines, Connect to the service, and then Authorize or Sign In. (Clicking the three stacked lines icon also allows you to upload a photo from your device.) Once you’ve selected your image and cropped it to your liking, click Save.

  2. What are the photo requirements for producing the best image on my bag?

    For best results, all photos need to be at least 640x480 pixels. Smaller images won’t successfully upload.

  3. What if my photo isn't at least 640x480 pixels?

    There are several free online photo resizing tools available that will allow you to resize your image to the required dimensions and save it to your computer. However, know that making a small picture larger can often worsen the photo’s quality. We recommend selecting a different, higher quality picture if possible. Once your chosen image is 640x480 pixels or larger, upload it to appear on your dog’s bag of food.

  4. How do I crop my image to fit on the bag?

    Once your picture uploads and appears in the preview window, click and drag the corners of the box to crop your picture. Click Save once you’re satisfied.

  5. How do I rotate my image to appear properly on the bag?

    Use the clockwise and counterclockwise arrows at the top of the preview window to rotate your photo so it properly appears on the bag. Click Save once you’re satisfied.

  6. How will my photo be used after I’ve submitted it?

    By uploading an image to, you are agreeing to Just Right by Purina’s Image Upload & User Agreement Policy. By uploading your photo according to this policy, you are providing permission to Nestlé Purina for potential use of that photo on product packaging, marketing communications, and on its digital properties.

  7. How can I change a photo I’ve submitted?

    To change your pet’s photo for future orders, login to with your previously registered account. Visit the Create a Blend section of the site and select to view the pet profile of the pet whose photo you would like to change. You can then click Edit on the blend with the photo you wish to change and upload a new photo within the Create a Blend section.

  8. I am not interested in uploading a photo. What default image will appear on my bag?

    No photo? No problem! We will add a default image of your dog’s breed based on the information you supplied when creating a blend.

  9. How can I remove a photo I’ve uploaded?

    We currently do not save your uploaded photos for you to access directly from your My Account page. However, if you wish to delete a photo that you uploaded on a previous purchase, please contact us directly at 1-855-842-0493 for assistance.