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Real Stories from Real Dogs

Different dogs, different preferences, different nutrition. Dive into the real stories of the #DogsofJustRight, the owners who love them, and the impact personalized nutrition makes in their lives.

Maggie & Chancy | Arkansas

"He gets excited when he sees the UPS man come because he knows 9 times out of 10 he is bringing his Just Right...He is not scratching himself and he no longer has the odor that he had before. He also eats his blend like he enjoys it and not just because he is hungry...He looks great, he is active and has a nice shiny coat."

Daniel & Domino | Texas

“Domino’s coat is soft and shiny and he remains quite energetic. We credit his good health to proper healthcare and making Purina’s Just Right Blend a big part of his daily diet.”

Amanda & Bella | Michigan

“Bella loves her Just Right by Purina Blend! She’s been eating it now for two weeks and we have noticed a nice change in her coat and her digestion. :)”

Caitlin & Maeby | Pennsylvania

“The first bowlful only lasted a few minutes, so I think it gets the pup’s seal of approval.”