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Hey Seattle, We loved Getting Personal

We had so much fun at the Fremont Fair, taking part in Seattle’s celebration of uniqueness and the freedom to be peculiar! We had a great turn out at the Just Right by Purina Dog Parade, and got to make some pretty cool new friends of all shapes and sizes and temperaments.

Just Right by Purina personalized dog food blend for Biscuit.

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What do you want

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Many dog foods claim to be all things for all dogs. Just Right® 
is different. With us, it’s all about your unique dog. What’s his activity level? Coat condition? Stool quality? We ask, and you tell us what makes him unique. The result? A personalized, natural food just for him that’s based on his unique nutritional needs.

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Use code SAVE50 at checkout to save 50% on your first order.


"What do you feed yourself, what do you feed your children? We want to feed our pet the same stuff."