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What’s the best senior dog food?

Try Personalized, Natural Dog Food for Older Dogs.

Senior dogs ages 7 and up have specific nutritional needs. So it only makes sense that the best dog food for your senior dog isn't one-size-fits all — instead, it's a blend of food that's personalized to support his body and lifestyle.

Create a Personalized Blend

How You Can Tailor Your Senior Dog's Food:

With Just Right® by Purina®, you get to do more than just choose the best dog food — you get to help tailor it. You tell us what he needs from his food and we'll recommend a senior dog food blend that fits his nutritional needs and preferences.


Healthy bones & joints are important for senior dogs. By choosing a personalized diet with nutrients like calcium, glucosamine & Omega-3 fatty acids, you're helping your dog stay on the go for years to come.

Maintain strong muscles

A senior dog's metabolism changes can lead to loss of lean body mass, so the nutrients in senior dog food need to help with the heavy lifting.

Adapt to a changing activity level

As dogs age, they're also prone to weight gain. That means the feeding instructions for your senior dog's food should change accordingly, but still help him keep his energy up.

Many dog foods claim to be all things for all dogs. Just Right is different. With us, it’s all about your unique senior dog. What’s his activity level? Coat condition? Stool quality? We ask, and you tell us what makes him unique. The result? A personalized, natural food just for him that’s based on his unique nutritional needs.

Create a personalized blend


Just Right had everything he needed. Like grain-free and omega fatty acids for the skin and coat and the joint health.
— Kristen, Biscuit's Owner

She's a working dog, so she needs more protein to build her muscles.
— Tom, Katie's Owner

The nice thing about the Just Right blend is it's really specifically tailored to Penny.
— Hannah, Penny's Owner

Want to talk it through?

Have questions? Want to talk to a Just Right pet expert to see if a personalized blend is right for your dog? We're here to help.