Real Pet Stories

All kinds of dogs and their people have chosen Just Right. Read their stories and share yours below.

Katie & Cooper

"Cooper's Blend is perfect for our old Boxer! Within a few weeks, we noticed his coat becoming softer. Thanks to the suggested portion control, he's trimmed up too! He LOVES the food, and turns his nose up to store bought food."

Valerie & Koii

"My dog is usually picky with dry food and when he received his first bag of dry food I couldn’t believe he actually enjoyed it. It was very hard for him to gain weight and keep it on him but once he started eating Just Right he’s at a very healthy weight now. And the picture on his dog food makes it even better!"

Ron & Milo

"We first tried the Chicken formula, however Milo decided he didn’t like it. Your representative then worked with me and came up with a solution using salmon. Milo loves it. Just Right provided great customer service on our behalf."

Claire & Ruby

"Ruby is getting old and I want her to eat the best food possible so she can be her best self. I started her with a little bit of the new food and the old food and as she was eating SHE'S SPITTING OUT THE OLD FOOD. That's how much she loves it. She usually never finishes a bowl and she cleaned hers. "

Danielle & Banker

"I adopted Banker from a Hunt Club in upstate New York. They gave me 2 bags of the food he was used to, so I didn't need to worry about what to get him for a while. When I asked my Vet what she suggested, she said a good senior blend would do just fine. I did a google search, and Just Right came up. It's wonderful how they tailored it to him, and he loves it!!!!! He's been eating it for a month now and we just got our second delivery. Thank you so much for feeding my boy!!!!! "

Felicia & Ace

"Ace is my grand baby and a VERY PICKY eater. We had been searching in vane for something that he likes and he turns his nose up at everything, I saw the adverts for this and decided to try it....he not only ate all of it, he turned around and was looking for more! I am so happy and pleased with this product and look forward to purchasing more for him!"

Robyn & Zoe

"I ordered my Zoe a food mix of chicken, peas and vegetables. She eats it dry and seems to love the kibble with smaller bits and a few large pieces. We are actually now on our second bag of her blend and she still eats it right away after I put it in her bowl. "

Cindy & Dwight

"Dwight is a golden retriever puppy. We brought him home when he was 8 weeks old. He had a difficult time digesting his food that the breeder had him on. We were at the vet several times trying to figure out what was wrong. We tried an alternate food to help with all the diarrhea and that didn’t help. I read about Just Right Blend and wanted to give it a try. After he fully transitioned to his new food he started having solid stools and the vet and I were doing a happy dance! He is now 16 weeks old and has not had one set back! He’s a happy boy at meal time and loves his food! "

Just Right Expert Testimonials

Learn what our nutritionist and other pet experts are saying about Just Right.

Sara McCullough

Sara McCullough

As a nutritionist and an animal lover, I believe each pet’s unique needs deserve to be met with a formula that’s just right for them. That’s why developing Just Right’s kibble blends is a labor of love for me. I’m proud to create balanced, personalized formulas made specially for your dog.
Dr. Ishwani Singh-Heegers

Dr. Ishwani Singh-Heegers

I’m passionate about ensuring that your dog gets the highest quality product, because I wouldn’t accept anything less for my pets. Working with the team in the Clinton, Iowa factory, and our nutritionist Sara, we make sure that what’s delivered to your door is exactly what you expect- a high-quality, personalized product your dog will love.
Derrick Grimes

Derrick Grimes

We have high standards. I’m here to make sure that each Just Right delivery meets those standards. From the ingredients we use, to the final product we ship, quality and safety are my top priority. I work hard to deliver on our commitment to safety and quality, so you and your pet receive dog food you deserve.